I am a lifestyle photographer in Vienna who specializes in maternity, newborn and family photography.

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Family photographer in Vienna. Taking photos of maternity, newborn, family, baby, portrait and wedding.
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First day of 2020 and my first newborn photo shoot of the year – this time not in Vienna but in Prague where this wonderful family lives. Matyas was born just a few days before Christmas and became the most beautiful present his parents got that year.


All my newborn photo sessions are run in a very relaxed and friendly way in the homes of my clients and this one was no exception. Thanks to the lifestyle photography, I can always get some really nice and genuine images of the family and document their daily routine. When I came to photograph this cute little baby, I got a chance to capture some authentic moments such as Matyas being fed by his loving dad or being cuddled by his mom in the parents′ bedroom.


Many photographers wish that the baby sleeps when they come to photograph the family. The truth is that the photo session is then usually very easy and smooth. However, life is not always how we imagine it. It is not always easy and smooth. Although there were a few moments when Matyas was calm and happy, he cried most of the time as he probably suffered from newborn colic.


Anyway, I fell in love with the photographs that capture the parents trying to soothe their little baby, offering Matyas a dummy, holding him tightly and stroking his cute little cheeks. I love to look at the photographs and see all the affection and sheer adoration the mom and dad have for their son and their determination to be the best parents to him.