I am a lifestyle photographer in Vienna who specializes in maternity, newborn and family photography.

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During photo shoot, parents spontaneously joined kids on slackline and together they created happy atmosphere – dream of every lifestyle family photographer.
family photo shoot, lifestyle photographer
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I got a chance to do a family photo shoot in the most beautiful orchard I have ever seen. Some of the trees here are over 100 years old, some were planted just a few months ago. A beautiful place where the family I photographed loves to spend their weekends.


We set off for a photo walk to the nearby meadow. The kids picked flowers, searched for four-leaf clovers, observed ants and bees, and then showed me a hole in an old trunk which was supposedly a woodpecker family′s home. They run a race with their mom and dad, played around, cheerfully posed in front of my camera and when I was trying to make the parents recall their first date, these two little explorers admiringly looked up at them and smiled.


Our journey ended as soon as the kids discovered a slackline anchored between two old apple trees and started trying their balance capabilities. The parents spontaneously joined them and all together they created a happy atmosphere – a dream of every lifestyle family photographer.