I am a lifestyle photographer in Vienna who specializes in maternity, newborn and family photography.

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I experienced such friendly and ease atmosphere in this home that whole family photo shoot was like well-deserved rest rather than hard work
baby girl, siblings, family photo shoot
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Time flies so fast! It seems like it was only yesterday that I visited this wonderful family to take maternity photographs of the mother-to-be. Due to the Coronavirus we had to unexpectedly cancel our already scheduled newborn photo shoot in spring, however, we managed to meet for in-home photo session 4 months after little Viktorie was born.


When I arrived, the baby was sleeping in the living room so I had enough time to drink coffee, listen to the latest family stories and capture the little one in her daytime bed. After a while, the mother took Viktorie upstairs to the bedroom to change her clothes and I could take a few authentic photographs of them together. The rest of the family joined us soon as they were curious what’s going on and wanted to make their sister laugh.


This time I witnessed something very special…

Would you believe that this cute baby girl has all the attention and care not just from her parents but from her siblings as well? I was thrilled when I saw the sheer adoration with which they looked at their little sister… how they spontaneously came to the bed to see how she was sleeping, how they kept stroking her when she was crying, how they brought her toys…how proud they seemed to be when they could hold her in their arms… how they were excited to share their stories and plans for the days when Viktorie grows up and becomes their buddy for all the future adventures… and how they begged me to make a few more photographs of them and the baby…


Again, I experienced such a friendly and ease atmosphere in this home that the whole family photo shoot was like a well-deserved rest rather than a hard work.