I am a lifestyle photographer in Vienna who specializes in maternity, newborn and family photography.

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Kids were directors of photo session and enabled me to take natural family photographs that will become beautiful memory for all of them.
family photo shoot, photo walk
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This wonderful family photo shoot took place in the Steinhofer Park in the western part of Vienna – the place that is of special meaning to the family as the parents spent there an afternoon just the day before their first son was born.


We met in front of the main gate and set off for a morning photo walk through the park. Right behind the entrance to the park the kids discovered an awesome spot with crushed stones, settled themselves on the ground and emptied their backpacks. “Our kids just love the crushed stones!” said the mom and we all laughed. I love the children′s spontaneity and playfulness. For them, the world is one big playground. We – adults – should learn from them.


This brought me an amazing opportunity to take truly authentic photographs of the children. I immediately turned on my camera and started capturing what I saw.


And while the kids were happily playing with their toys, I asked their parents to simply show me the affection they have for each other… And then the kids noticed mom and dad were hugging and decided to be with them… and then, they wanted to play with a ball… and then they run to a nearby bank to sit there all together… and then they packed their stuff and run to a forest… and then they demanded to have a picnic in a meadow…


I almost didn′t have to say a word. I was just there with my camera capturing their happy family moments. The kids were the directors of the whole photo session and enabled me to take natural family photographs that will become a beautiful memory for all of them.


I cannot wait to meet this lovely family again during a newborn session and take photographs with their third baby.