I am a lifestyle photographer in Vienna who specializes in maternity, newborn and family photography.

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This beautiful mother-to-be asked me for sensual maternity photographs. I’m based in Vienna but this shoot took place in Czech republic.
maternity photo shoot, pregnant, mother-to-be
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This beautiful mother-to-be asked me to make a few sensual maternity photographs for her. I am a photographer based in Vienna but I travelled 200 km far away to make her wish come true. And it was definitely worth it!


It was a chill and grey autumn day outside and I was worried about the light. I belong to the group of lifestyle photographers who don′t use a flash during their photo sessions. I work exclusively with natural light to keep all my photographs as authentic as possible. This time we were lucky – the sun came out and helped me capture the beauty of maternity in the simple yet original way. Both mother-to-be and I were thrilled about the result.


You can′t see it in the photographs but this whole maternity session was not at all that romantic as it looks like. The photo shoot took place in an attic and there was such a little space I constantly had to climb a ladder, a bed and some other furniture which was at hand. This made the whole photo session a kind of comic and full of laugh.


I also have to admit this maternity photo shoot proofed that being a lifestyle photographer is sometimes hard workout.