I'm a lifestyle photographer based in Vienna.

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When family from Vienna asked me to take family photographs in new apartment and said we can meet for photo shoot as soon as kitchen is finished, great idea came to my mind
cooking photo session
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As a lifestyle photographer, I wanted to try something new. Something different from a classic family photo shoot in a park. Something untraditional…


When a family from Vienna asked me to take some family photographs of them in their new apartment and pointed out that we can meet for the photo shoot “as soon as the new kitchen is finished”, a great idea came to my mind… New kitchen? Wow! Let’s cook together!


Without knowing that the daddy used to be a chef and the mommy loves baking cakes and cookies, I suggested an untraditional cooking photo session in their new kitchen. They seemed to be excited and immediately agreed to this idea.


We were cooking a peach pie. Or rather the family was cooking while I had an amazing chance to capture their happy family moments… I saw how the girls were keen on helping mom and dad with mixing all the ingredients. I observed how the older sister helped the younger one with cutting the peaches. I witnessed how the parents looked at their daughters with deep affection. And I terribly laughed behind my camera when the mom found out that more than a half of the peaches is gone because the two little chefs just needed to keep tasting them.


Anyway, the result was just amazing. The peach pie was delicious even with apples!


And do you know why?


Because the secret ingredient was love!