I'm a lifestyle photographer based in Vienna.

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I photographed wedding at Wiener Rathaus in Vienna and I am truly very grateful I could be wedding photographer of this bride and groom.
Vienna wedding photographer, hochzeitsfotograf Wien
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Watch also a wedding diashow on my YouTube channel >>> https://youtu.be/sBfReNXx614


The wedding of this beautiful and very kind couple was the very first wedding I photographed as a sole photographer. I prepared myself were thoroughly – talked to my colleagues from the branch and professional wedding photographers, took a couple of online courses and read plenty of articles about wedding photography. A few days before the wedding date I went to the Rathaus to see the nearest surroundings and the heart of Vienna city from the perspective of a photographer and to find the best spots for wedding photo shoot. I discovered many wonderful places and realized that Vienna is truly magical – definitely one of the most beautiful cities to be married in.