I'm a lifestyle photographer based in Vienna.

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Even though our planned couple photo shoot in heart of Prague resulted in something more similar to street art photography, setting turned out to be original.
couple photo shoot, street art photography
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The photographs of this lovely couple were taken during photo shoot in Prague. Due to heavy rain, we had to change the location for our photo session and instead of romantic Petrin gardens and historic city center we ended up in the dark and dirty pedestrian underpass in the outskirts of Prague. What a place!


Anyway, all that actually mattered was not the place but rather the true connection between the two. The hugs, kisses, touches. Their love for each other and the deep admiration for one another that authentically reflects itself in their looks.


Even though our planned lovey-dovey photo shoot in the heart of Prague resulted in something more similar to the street art photography, the setting turned out to be original and very remarkable. In the end, the graffiti walls full of vivid colors provided us with the very best photo studio of Prague we could have wished for.